Monday, March 14, 2011

Hope is...

A man clinging to his rooftop being rescued after his house was swept nine miles out to sea.

A father clinging to his newborn son, grateful that he and his young family were able to heed the tsunami warning and get to higher ground.

The polite resignation of the Japanse people that though the center has run out of supplies, more is on the way.

A brother who has hit rock bottom, formerly finding solace in the bottom of a bottle, now healing in a rehab center, finding comfort in prayer and sobriety.

Less than stellar job offers and tightening finances which point to another plan, not of our making but of His.

Positive feedback of a potential sale...though they love the house but not the colors of the walls, they say it's only paint, after all.

Jesus on the cross and the empty tomb.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Awesomely terrifying...

Amazing, stupefying, hair-raising, devastating, horrifying.

Water wreaking havoc of epic proportions. Moving plates liquefying what was assumed to be solid.

Worst fears realized for many people, even deeply affecting some who live thousands of miles away from ground zero.

Forces of nature serving reminders that we are small and physically powerless against the sheer brutality this earth can unleash.

Images bored into my humbled head that will never, NEVER be forgotten.

Water saves, water kills.

I am on my knees...