Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve, Hallow'een...

No doubt, there are many Christians who will not be celebrating what our culture knows as Halloween tonight, for fear the practices are steeped in the paganism of the past.  While those brothers and sisters in Christ have a point, our little flock of four, on the other hand, has taken a slightly different approach.  Rather than avoid the festivities, we have changed our perspective.  Gone from our decorating are all cultic symbols and gory details of death frequently used this night:  witches, goblins, monsters, ghoulish music, creepy crawlies.  What we do have are scarecrows, smiling pumpkins, stars, lights.  Scarecrows to remind us that we ourselves, through holy living, can scare away evil, smiling pumpkins to remind us that though we face great darkness every day, we can smile knowing that it is God who has our backs, stars to remind us of that great star that led the wise kings to Jesus and that we should be following the light to Him, lights because He is the Light of the world.

Someday, too, when I have more backbone,  I'd like to distribute holy cards with the treats to the children who come to our door. Simple ones depicting the meaning of All Saints Day...the real meaning of Halloween.

It's been ages...

I know, it's been a while since I've last written in this blog.  It seems life and my other blog, sarrasmurf (dot) blogspot (dot) com, has been taking up much of my time lately.  Not ones to sit on the sidelines of our faith, the family has gotten deeply involved in parish life.  My oldest son is a freshman at the only Catholic high school in Idaho, is a Boy Scout with the parish troop and is undergoing immediate preparation classes for confirmation (he will be confirmed in May 2012).  My youngest son is a fifth grader at St. Mark's school and sings with the school Mass choir.  Carl and I have jumped right in and are not only teaching one of the Confirmation preparation sessions, we are leading a weekly teen bible study based on Sunday's readings.  I have also been volunteering at the boys' schools, singing in the choir, cantoring occasionally, and will be helping out at the American Heart Association "Go Red" Luncheon this week.  We've been busy, busy, busy and life is rushing full speed ahead.

With all this "doing" it's been a bit difficult just "being."  Since finding out that our parish has a Perpetual Adoration Chapel, I've felt a longing to spend more time in front of the Blessed Sacrament.   Yet, I have allowed myself to get so busy that I'm finding it nearly impossible to break free from my hectic schedule to even pray a 10 minute Divine Mercy chaplet at His feet.  Seriously?  Ten minutes and I can't do that?  Sheesh!  What's wrong with me?!?

It looks like it's time to be a little less like Martha and more like Mary.