Monday, May 7, 2012

Right where God wants me...

I love it when the signs are so crystal clear that show me I'm exactly where God wants me to be.  Not that I ever doubted leaving everything behind in my former hometown to move to a place virtually unknown to me, without a home, without a job, without a real plan or man-made safety net.  There was just something gnawing at me and the family that it was time to move on...that God just needed us somewhere else.  So, we made the move, trusting that God would provide for all of our needs.

I believe that when I don't think God isn't talking to me, it's just me actually not looking for the signs...some big, most small.  The latest in a series of signals from the One who created all things for His good pleasure, came in the realization that the job I'm about to start is exactly the one I thought about applying for 18 months ago but decided not to because, well, I didn't live here yet.  The 1000 mile commute would have been a little long.  Originally, I was sad to have missed the opportunity.  I was comforted however in the knowledge that God would provide as long as I only sought His Will.  And, through a circuitous turn of events, and a series of small miracles, I have now been offered that same very position...the job that I believe is perfect for me and my family.  How cool is that?!?  God has me right where He wants me, when He wants me there.  Life is hard, sometimes disappointing.  But, God is always good.