Thursday, August 6, 2009

My dream...

In exploring what I really love to do (and I'm good at), I've discovered a way to put all my passions into one. What do I love? Well, here's the list, in no particular order:

Cooking for a crowd
Taking pictures of serence places and landscapes
Any craft involving wire and beads
Stacks and stacks of books
Home decorating
Studying Holy Scripture

While my job as a cantor affords me the opportunity to combine two of my loves, I think I could put it all together in a little independent coffee shop or bed and breakfast. I envision a place where live Christian music could be offered on a very tiny stage, where I could serve up delectable items made from my home garden, decorating the place with photos I've taken and "happy thoughts" painted by the family and customers, offer a corner of the place for other artists to display and sell their work, make wired and bead decorated candle holders from recycled glass jars for the tables, have a Catholic Christian book lending library in a small room off the main where I could lead Bible studies and teach craft classes. The venue could be called "Martha and Mary's Place." And, it would be closed on Sundays.

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