Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I recently read a qutote, which I believe came from Dante's Comedy...it goes something like this: "In Your Will, O Lord, is my peace." It has become my mantra of late. With all the craziness of a two week escrow during Holy Week (of all weeks), I would have expected things to be chaotic and unrestful. But, it is in the recognition that it is His Will that we were able to sell the house for a fair price, or even at all in this sluggish market, and so, I am exceedingly peaceful.

The other powerful force guiding and grounding me is prayer. Constant prayer. The kind of prayer that has me in a continual conversation with my ultimate Beloved. I've been seeking the Lord while He may be found, calling to him while He is still near, thanking Him for His tender mercy, and pleading for answers to that age old question, "What exactly would you have me do with my life, dear Lord?" Not that He's been totally specific with the "what," mind you, but at least I now know the "where."

Rounding out that perfect trifecta which gives me solitude in a nebulous and noisy life is the ability to take afternoon naps. You may scoff but I would suggest that one should not underestimate the fortitude that comes from curling up in rays of sunshine streaming through a window and catching some most needed zzzz's. The short episode of sleep does much to lift the fog and make everything which seemed insurmountable, actually quite achievable.

Peace, prayer and naps...my version of the best antedote to a hectic life.

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