Sunday, October 28, 2012

Communion on the tongue

OK you priests and EMHC's out there...does it really have to be so hard to distribute communion on the tongue?  Weren't you properly trained?  Why do I have to have anxiety over receiving Jesus because you don't know how to place the host properly on one's tongue?  I'm not doing it out of spite or some "it's a holier practice" belief (though I do really believe that the most humble way of receiving Jesus is on the tongue from a kneeling position at an altar rail).  I simply have a that by just looking at me you'd never that does not allow the physical possibility of turning my hands palm up and therefore being able to "make a throne of my hands for the King" in order to receive Him.  Please, if you've never given the host to someone on the tongue, do not, I'll repeat, DO NOT act surprised or confused when someone presents in line for reception on the tongue.  Do not be aghast at the possibility of having to get near someone's mouth.  I am sensitive to it...have been all my life, especially in those dark days after Vatican II and everybody wrongly assumed we could no longer receive on the tongue.  Imagine a young girl, so excited to be able to receive Jesus every Sunday to only find out that she would no longer be able to because she was deformed.  Really.  Jesus said, let the children come to me and I was essentially being told I was not worthy because I had messed up arms.  Is it any wonder I had difficulties with mystery of the Eucharist when I was constantly being shooed away...almost even shunned.

Priests and EMHC's...if you've never had to give communion in a way other than in the not get used to it.  There are more and more people wanting to receive in the manner that the Vicar of Peter himself prefers.  You will need to learn a good technique for distribution on the tongue (and trust me, there are better ways than the ones laden with subtle disgust that you employ now).  There are properly formed ministers who know how to do this and do it well.

I will now step down from my soap box.


  1. Gosh, geez, I've so neglected keeping up with you. However, I did just enjoy about 7 minutes of "me" time by reading your posts and laughing through my real tears.

    I'm with you, sister, and you know that. I think I told you about visiting Mission San Luis Obispo and Andrew being told he COULD NOT receive on the tongue and my boys FREAKNG OUT, MAN, about it. I wrote to the Bishop. That was 4 years ago. I'm still waiting for a reply.

    I continue to thank God every single day of our lives that I don't know why, but the Holy Spirit Himself absolutely led us to St. Margaret and Fr. Cavana. Where did he come from? Why him? How'd he end up here? Answers we technically know but, you know what I mean.

    Search. Seek out. It took us 5 years before being led to St. Margaret's. It will not take you that long; but you will be led to a parish where you can take care of your family.

    I will pray, pray, pray for you!!!!!!!


    1. Thanks for the prayers...they are needed for sure! As much as I want to switch parishes, I think God has led us here as some sort of liturgical correctness missionaries. :-) Sometimes when it seems the bleakest, I remember that we are here because of God's Will and He will give us all the strength we need for the "good fight." In fact, right when we make the decision we can no longer tolerate the crap, He gives us a glimmer of hope. I'm just hopin' things will change sooner rather than later as God only knows how short I am on patience! hee hee! Is it a sin to pray for a solidly orthodox bishop on our next go-around who will clean house up here? :-)


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